Meet your Teachers

Sivasri Skandaprasad

Hailing from a family of illustrious musicians and exponents of Nama Sankirtanam, Vid. Sivasri Skandaprasad has marked her presence in multiple spheres of art as a Carnatic musician, a Bharatanatyam artiste, a painter and a Bhagavatha, constantly innovating her approach to express the greatness of what our culture has to offer, influencing and inspiring the younger generations to embrace our glorious heritage- A young artist who stands tall by her unflinching conviction in everything that Sanatana Dharma stands for.

Vinay Varanasi

Vinay Varanasi is a public speaker, curator and translator. He speaks on Indic subjects that cover aspects on philosophy, story telling, mantra rahasyas and so forth. His fascination with all things Indic led him to work with classical musicians on the intersection of narrative and music. He has explored a host of themes in this space, and his worked with musicians such as Ramakrishnan Murthy, Sumesh Narayanan, Vivek Sadasivam, Sivasri Skandaprasad, to name a few. He has spoken on a range of topics: different forms of Devi, Sundara Kanda, Prana and Anjaneya, kanchi, Kashi and tirupati mahatmyam and so forth. He continues to explore more themes in these spaces both individually and as collaborations.

He has translated works from Telugu to English and also writes lyrics which have been tuned and sung by Vidushis Ranjani and Gayatri. Apart from being a keen practitioner  of Sanatana Dharma, Vinay is an architect by training.

Bama Visveswaran

Smt. Bama Visveswaran is a much sought after musician for South Indian Classical Dance. A graduate from Madras University, Bama Visveswaran started training in South Indian Classical Music at the age of 10 under her father Kadavasal Sri K.S. Ramachandran and had performed in India and abroad. Her natural flair for the arts has flourished under the training and guidance of the doyens of the music field, Smt. Rukmani Rajagopalan, Tanjore Sri S. Kalyanaraman and Dr. M. L. Vasanthakumari.

She has the honor of accompanying eminent artistes of the dance field like Padmasri Adyar K. Lakshmanan, Dr. Vyjayanthimala Bali and   Ms. Lakshmi Viswanathan.

R. Sowmya

R.Sowmya, daughter and discipline of Kalaimamani Mudikondanramesh is a B grade artist of AIR Chennai for both vocal and Veena. She is currently learning vocal from Smt Lalitha Sivakumar. Sowmya is a recipient of CCRT scholarship and has given several performances in temples, sabhas across the country.